Welcome to Billy & Ishak!


Billy & Ishak joined H&K last year as part of the government’s Kickstart Scheme and our work on the KGX1 project in London.

We’re proud to say they have both now joined us in full-time positions!


“We’re so excited to have Billy & Ishak on board and just shows the value and talent in our local community.”

Richard King, Operations Director – South


We sat with Billy & Ishak to hear about their experience at H&K so far and their plans for the future.


What attracted you to work for H&K? 

Billy: “When looking at jobs offered within the government’s Kickstart Scheme, H&K stood out to me due to the scale of projects the company is involved in and therefore the amount I could learn during my 6-month placement!”

Ishak: “After leaving university, I was always interested in the design aspect of my field. Witnessing something go from just an idea to a plan and then a design to a creation is so interesting. When I looked at all the work H&K has done and the position offered as part of the KGX1 project, I knew I wanted to be a part of that!”


What are you most enjoying about working for H&K? 

Ishak: “The first thing that comes to mind is my team. I’m part of an amazing, supportive team and learning as much as I can from really experienced people! Everyone is happy to help, if I go through them individually this will be too long, but I’m learning so much from Simon Bennett who is a great mentor and Dan who always takes time to explain the specific regulations for sprinkler system design.”

Billy: “I’m really enjoying my role and learning all I can about Quantity Surveying. I find the potential for career progression within H&K hugely motivating.”


What do you hope to learn whilst working at H&K and how do you think this will help you progress in your career?

Billy: “I’m absorbing as much knowledge as I can and will be starting my Quantity Surveying BSc degree in September. This will give me a formal qualification as I continue to develop my skills at H&K.”

Ishak: “My goal is to be able to start designing systems independently and efficiently. The great thing about working here is that we use a range of different software which will definitely help me improve my design skills and knowledge. I’ve also already witnessed the opportunities to progress and experience different departments within the company.”


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