School Fire

A fire occurred in a classroom at a School in Shropshire last week.

Fortunately, the building was protected by an Automatic Fire Sprinkler system serviced and maintained by Hall & Kay Fire Engineering.

The system operated correctly and activated 3 Sprinkler heads, which successfully extinguished the fire, preventing it from risking life, disrupting children’s education and causing significant damage to the building.

The incident clearly shows the importance of automatic Fire Sprinklers, had Sprinklers not been fitted it is the view of the Local Fire Brigade that the building would have been severely damaged by fire, have had a major impact on firefighting operations and of course the safety of Firefighters, student and teachers.

Fire damage was contained to a small area of one classroom, and the photograph below clearly show the positive effect of the Sprinkler heads

Due to the successful actuation of the Sprinkler system, only one classroom was affected. There were no casualties and the School suffered minimal damage. The main reason for this was that a properly installed & maintained Fire Sprinkler system stopped the fire progressing further into the building.

This School is looked after by our Midlands Service Team and had its annual service in January this year.

This is another clear example of the need for Fire Sprinkler protection in Schools and for the proper service and maintenance of systems once installed.

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