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Jun 4, 2024News

103 products assessed for embodied carbon, earning Hall & Kay high praise in CCS audit.

Through our work on one of the largest workplace refurbishment projects in Europe, we have assessed 103 products for embodied carbon to date, with work still ongoing. With the project working to many sustainability standards, including BREEAM Outstanding, and LEED and WELL Platinum, it’s crucial that the build uses the cleanest, healthiest materials, and embodied carbon is kept as low as possible.

We design and install but do not manufacture our products, therefore extra time and effort was taken to assess carbon and sustainability on behalf of our supply chain. This in-depth analysis of materials and providing embodied carbon data for everything barring nuts and bolts met the sustainability standards set for the Central London redevelopment.

Measures for the project include:

  • Ensuring that materials are responsibly sourced, have a high recycled content and are also highly recyclable.
  • Provision of Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) content.
  • Use of official take back schemes.
  • Emission testing for relevant products such as insulation and touch-up paint.
  • Evidence of REACH and RoHS compliance.
  • Embodied carbon declarations.
  • Maintain a >99% diversion from landfill rate.

All whilst maintaining strict technical and safety standards to comply with LPC Rules.

During a Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS) audit on the project, we scored 100% and received high praise for our work.

“Hall & Kay are demonstrating exceptional levels of conformance with the CCS Core Code and in many areas are going above and beyond which is setting benchmarks for considerate practice in their sector of the industry. A considerable amount of effort and time has gone into evaluating the entire supply chain and considering the embodied carbon content of all items and suppliers in general. The company (Hall & Kay) are adding considerable value to the site’s environmental perforce and BREAAM prospects.”

The monitor, Considerate Constructors Scheme

With London having some of the highest pollution levels in the country, and being so densely populated, it is paramount that we work together with the many other environmentally responsible trades, to contribute to safer, cleaner London for occupants to thrive.

Protecting what matters most, now and into the future.

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