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The key benefit of a gas suppression system is that in a critically sensitive environment it can extinguish fires without using water.

Why do you need a gas suppression system?

A gas extinguishing system, is used to quickly and efficiently extinguish fires in areas where traditional water-based fire suppression systems may not be effective or may cause damage to valuable equipment and materials.

An alternative to water based fire suppression.  A gas suppression system is an alternative fire protection system that can be used where water systems would cause damage. Typically, we would recommend these systems for computer rooms, telecommunications, switch rooms, archives, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), or laboratories.

How they work. Gas suppression systems work by flooding the protected area with an inert gas, such as nitrogen or argon, or a chemical agent, such as or Novec™ 1230, that reduces the oxygen level in the room to below the level required to sustain a fire. This extinguishes the fire minimising the damage to the equipment or materials in the area.

Protecting mission critical and other valuable assets. Most commonly used in data centres, telecommunications rooms, museums, art galleries, and other facilities where the protection of valuable equipment, data, or artefacts is critical. They are also used in areas where the risk of fire is high, but traditional water-based suppression systems would be ineffective, such as in areas with flammable liquids or gases.

What we do

We can take care of every aspect of a gas suppression system – from design to installation to maintenance.

Our technical experts can deal with any kind of configuration or type of gas system, including chemical gas systems (FM200), and inert gas systems (Argonite, CO2, Inergen), Highly Sensitive Smoke Detection systems (HSSD systems), conventional smoke detection systems, sounders and beacons, and relay interfaces.


Our designers are fully experienced in designing systems to comply with Loss Prevention Standard (LPS) 1204 and will produce 3D models in line with BIM requirements. Gas suppression systems can be designed and installed as standalone systems or directional valves that protect a variety of enclosures.


We’re big on delivery and our delivery process is rigorous, tried and tested.

Our installation team have wide experience working with complex systems in buildings both under construction and with live working environments, and across a great range of sectors. They’re always prepared and ready for the unexpected and adapt to any challenge they meet.


We take responsibility for your gas suppression system from start to finish, and we will continue to provide service support for your system throughout its life. We’re in it for the long run.

Our experienced service engineers working across the UK will carry out routine maintenance and remedial repairs whenever needed. You can be confident your people can live, learn and work in a safe and sustainable environment.

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