Gas & Detection

What We Do

We design, supply, install, commission and maintain a variety of Gas and Detection throughout the UK, to the recognised standards including BS EN, NFPA and ISO.

  • Gaseous Suppression
  • Fire Alarms
  • Fire Detection
  • Disabled Refuge Systems

We are happy to cater of any size of project, including “turnkey”, residential, commercial and industrial.

We pay particular attention to evaluating the overall risk of fire and the likely effects on the occupants and the premises, and carefully design our systems with all of these factors in mind.

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Hall & Kay Fire Engineering Suppression

Gaseous Suppression

Hall & Kay use various Gaseous Suppression systems across the nation as they are ideal for protecting any assets that may be susceptible to water damage. Typically these systems are applied to:

  • Computer Rooms
  • Telecommunications
  • Switch rooms
  • Archives
  • UPS
  • Laboratories

Gaseous suppression comes in different forms depending on certain jobs or protections on certain assets, these systems are divided into Chemical Gases like ‘Novec’ and ‘FM200’, and Inert Gases which include ‘Argonite, CO2 and Inergen’.

These systems can designed and installed as standalone or directional valve protecting a variety of enclosures.

A nationwide maintenance, test and inspection service is available for both new and existing systems. System surveys, design and maintenance inspections are also available throughout continental Europe.

Fire Alarms & Detection

Fire detection systems are designed to discover fires early in their development, to enable safe evacuation of occupants in areas that may not be suitable for a water based extinguishing system. These detectors are usually coupled to a fire alarm system to alert all occupants and the fire services.

At Hall & Kay we design, install, maintain and commission fire alarms in the UK for a wide range of customers, from industrial locations, schools, colleges and universities to pubs, leisure centres and residential properties.

We are highly experienced in designing fire alarms that minimise the visual impact on their surroundings, an important consideration for historic and architect designed properties.

Disabled Refuge Systems

Current Building Regulations require all new non-domestic buildings with more than one storey to provide ‘refuge’ areas – places of relative safety where people who cannot easily use fire escape routes can wait and call for assistance.

Simple, effective two-way communication allows rescue teams to determine where assistance is required and to reassure people that help is coming.

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