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Do you need rapid access to qualified technical experts who understand the complexities of your work environment and can ensure your fire and security systems remain compliant and in good working order?

Our teams are ready to help.

If you need a fire and security system, we have wide experience retrofitting systems into operational environments across multiple sectors, from food factory hygiene to high-risk chemical plant safety, city centre logistics management to the physical protection needed working in occupied flats.

If you want to ensure your existing systems are fully maintained and compliant, our service division will guide you on maintenance requirements for your particular system. We will also give you fast 24/7 emergency call-out cover.

We’re comfortable with large portfolios through our geographical coverage, regional offices and dedicated national account teams. We can also provide the full range of fire protection solutions you could need, including sprinklers, fire pumps, gas suppression, fire detection and integrated security systems.

Our dedicated remedial engineers and small works division are experienced at working within existing buildings. They can reverse-engineer hydraulic calculations, adapt and modify existing systems to suit your premises, and carry out necessary repairs to ensure the system’s performance is never compromised.

If you want certainty that your fire protection and security systems are as good as they should be, we have the scale, experience and insight to deliver for you.


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