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Wet or dry risers help firefighters respond rapidly when dealing with fires in taller buildings. They are systems of water pipes pre-installed in a building so they are available immediately when needed.

Why do you need wet and dry risers?

Wet or dry risers may be needed for several reasons:

By law. Any building more than 18m in height or with floors more than 10m below ground requires a wet or dry riser to comply with UK Building Regulations (Approved Document B – ‘Fire Safety Measures for a Building’).Solutions blurb content in here

For tall buildings. A wet riser is a system running through the building and kept constantly pressurised and full of water, and is used in taller buildings. 

External inlet. A dry riser, meanwhile, is a network of pipes and valves with an external inlet which firefighters can pump water into. 

Easy, quick access to firefighting water. Both systems achieve the same goal – they allow firefighting water to be easily and quickly delivered to all floors in a building.

Wet or dry riser? If the building is more than 18m in height, but less than 50m, then either a dry or wet riser can be used. If the building is over 50m in height then a wet riser must be used, and also in smaller buildings if access to the building by fire services is insufficient.

What we do

We design, install and maintain wet and dry risers to British Standard BS9990. From simple to complex, residential to commercial, our technical experts understand all the elements involved.


Our designers have wide experience in designing systems for all kinds of different multi-storey buildings. We can produce 3D models in line with BIM requirements, and for wet risers we carry out the necessary hydraulic calculations.


We pride ourselves on timely, expert installation. We have a tried and tested delivery process and an installation team who are experienced in delivering complex systems in both construction projects and environments already in use, and across all sectors. They’re always prepared and able to handle any challenges that come their way.


Ensuring your riser continues to work is essential to your safety and a crucial part of our service. We continue to take responsibility throughout the life of the system.

Our team of 100+ experienced engineers across the UK carry out routine maintenance and any repairs necessary to ensure a safe and sustainable environment for your people.

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Hall & Kay have been spot on. In the design at the start and on-site. The installation has been smooth and very quick.”

Jon Calvert, Simpson of York

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