Covid-19 Business Update

Due to the increasing and ongoing concerns over the spread of the Coronavirus in the UK and around the world, and the subsequent impact on both personal life and the business we are continuing to take measures, as a business, to limit the impact where possible.

The impact of the coronavirus (Covid-19) on our staff and the business continues to change rapidly. We have introduced measures to maintain our capabilities in delivering services across the U.K. This includes home working for staff, additional contact with client sites ensuring safe access can be given to our staff and minimising staff exposure. Whilst we pride ourselves on our service and response please understand that these measures may, on occasion extend our standard attendance times.

We continue to have regular contact with our supply chain in relation to material supply issues regarding the coronavirus.  Whilst most have confirmed that stock levels have been increased where necessary, some are now finding it difficult to resource certain components and maintain safe working methods under the government guidelines. A few of our materials are supplied from China via our partners. They have confirmed that China seem to be up and running again in terms of making and shipping materials.

We continue to follow Government guidelines. All our office staff have the ability to work from home from laptops and have access to our servers. Labour, however, has the potential to be an issue should there be a restriction of movement.

Our only issue would be in a worst-case scenario in terms of our labour supply and the potential for a travel ban, or widespread infection. But that is currently an unknown, as of today, we see no issues with completion dates. This will continue to be monitored.

The latest communication has been distributed to all staff and is updated regularly as Government guidelines change.

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