Hall and Kay Fire Engineering

Wren Kitchens

Protecting Wren Kitchens 910,000sq.ft. manufacturing plant.



Client: Wren Kitchens

Protecting Wren Kitchens 910,000sq.ft. manufacturing plant.

Main contractor:



FM Global


  • 18,500 sprinklers
  • 3x diesel pumps
  • 2x 500m2 tanks
  • 14 valve sets


52 weeks

Year of completion:


The new building is Sprinkler protected throughout in accordance with FM Global Property Loss Prevention Data Sheets 8-9.

The building is protected throughout with a combination of Roof (5900) and in-rack (9200) Sprinkler heads.

The system was installed in two main phases, infrastructure, and water supplies as part of the new build construction and the in the rack which was a post-completion fitout once the new facility was up and running

In-rack protection was designed in accordance with the Alternative In rack Sprinkler system design principles of the FM Rules.

The in-rack Sprinkler protection system was installed 20 weeks post-rack build after the facility was commissioned and operating, so careful planning, co ordination and integration were key to delivering this successful project.

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