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Musgraves, Dublin

Hall & Kay are proud to install 32,000+ sprinklers in this fast-track 12-month project.



Client: Musgraves

Hall & Kay are proud to install 32,000+ sprinklers in this fast-track 12-month project.




FM global data sheets 8-9 & 8-34

Installation requirements

  • Sprinkler heads: 32,000
  • Fire pumps: FM global data sheets 8-9 and 8-34
  • Tank: 1x 950m3
  • Valve set: 4


1 year

Year of completion


This project involved constructing an extension to the existing Musgraves distribution centre and ancillary works on a site of approx- .15.06 ha. The building extension comprised of warehouse extension with dock levellers on the north-east and south-west elevations (approx. 11,824m 2 ).

We designed, supplied, installed and commissioned the sprinkler systems to comply with FM global data sheets 8-9 and 8-34.

Modelled on Revit,the sytem incorporated new water supplies with 1 x 950m 3 water storage tank and 2 x FM-approved 2500 USGPM diesel-driven fire pumps.

A fast-track 12-month project, this project involved Hall & Kay installing more than 32,000 Sprinkler heads throughout, with protection at roof level (1,600 sprinklers) and a combination of multi shuttle racks, Radio Shuttle racks and APR racking (31,000 sprinklers).</p

“This was a complex- natured project that went very well. We had a great installation team on site, and the overall teamwork with our customers, Musgraves, Vanderlande, CField and Toyota, worked extremely well and made the project a real success.”

Ian Charlton

Project Manager

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