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BT REDCARE is closing

August 1st 2025

The closure of BT REDCARE represents a significant change in the UK’s fire & security industry.

How will this impact your business?

The most immediate impact will be the need to switch over any systems monitored by BT REDCARE to an alternative signalling solution. This change requires an audit of current systems to understand compatibility and necessary upgrades to hardware and software.

Understanding the risks:

From 1st August 2025, any signalling through BT REDCARE will not communicate any alarm signals to the Alarm Receiving Centre.

Alarm activations will be left in an audible-only state internally with no notification to keyholders or emergency services.

This could affect your insurance policy.

Leaves your business vulnerable to the impact of a fire, an intruder, or serious external threat.

Need to know more?

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How Hall&Kay can support your business

Our experts can help you prepare for the closure. Through our years of experience with alternative signalling solutions, we can seamlessly switch over any BT REDCARE customers who are connected to Redcare Classic, GSM or IP-based systems to ensure your fire and security systems are monitored correctly.

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