Service & Maintenance

Service Vision Statement

To be the UK’s leading Sprinkler maintenance supplier, delivering engineering excellence across our strategic partnerships.

To be at the forefront of driving technical innovation that will result in more effective and efficient maintenance performance for our clients.

We will achieve our vision by:

  • Engaging with our customers, at whatever level and understanding their needs.
  • Providing exceptional levels of service, combining innovation with best practice to drive client results.
  • Building upon our essence of delivering engineering excellence, by growing the business through technical led innovation across the wide range of sectors and geographies we serve.
  • Continuing to employ great people, each adding value and each supporting our promise of delivering engineering excellence.

The servicing departments are based in Ascot, Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow, giving unique coverage to both planned and reactive maintenance throughout the whole of the UK.

Our sprinkler service technicians are all strategically placed nationwide, all directly employed, and are all in constant touch with their relative H&K office to offer a much smoother and quicker response to your requirements.

We are developing a “State of the Art” Service Management System, which allows our Call Centre or customers to log calls

  • It allows customers to have sight of a full service history of their site and equipment
  • Engineers can upload Photographs of the site and problems from the Tablet & Cloud based system
  • The system allows for automation to the accounting system, allowing for contract updates and automatic invoicing

For all your service sales enquiries please email: